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Label : This Day In Music

Released : 2017

Catalogue Number : ISBN: 978-1-9995927-9-0


Product information :


  • With an introduction and commentary from David Gedge, 'Sometimes These Words Just Don’t Have To Be Said' is a collection of over 400 fan memories, interspersed with contributions and insights from fellow founder members of The Wedding Present, Peter Solowka and Shaun Charman
  • This 448 page paperback book contains stories from a host of collaborators from throughout the band’s career, including former band members and producers, the latter including 'George Best' and 'Bizarro' producer Chris Allison, Steve Albini and the Grammy Award winning Andrew Scheps
  • From David Gedge’s school days through to concerts in 2016, the book is packed with images, many previously unseen, including several from David’s personal archive
  • Also contains contributions from many musician fans including Gaz Coombes [Supergrass], Mark Burgess [The Chameleons], Martin Noble [British Sea Power], Emma Pollock [The Delgados], John Robb [The Membranes], William Potter [CUD], Rolo McGinty [The Woodentops] and many bands who have performed at David’s annual ‘At The Edge Of The Sea’ festival
  • Other celebrities who have contributed to the book include actors Nick Frost and Ben Crompton, broadcasters Marc Riley, Shaun Keaveny, Andy Kershaw, Andrew Collins and Robin Ince, journalists Mark Beaumont and Ian Gittins and writers Ian Rankin, Mike Gayle and Peter Bowker
  • The book gives a real insight into what it’s like to attract – or become one of – a coterie of passionate fans who have followed the group since the beginning. Many have fallen in love with – and to – the band’s music. As one fan describes it, ‘They have been the soundtrack to my life.’
  • 7.44 x 9.69 in or 246 x 189 mm




Sometimes These Words Just Don't Have To Be Said : Paperback Book

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