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Terry de Castro

About Terry de Castro


Terry de Castro's long-time collaboration with David Gedge started in 1998 when she joined Cinerama shortly after its inception. It was supposed to be for one concert and a Peel Session, but it turned into twelve years of touring and several albums with both Cinerama and The Wedding Present. Terry is also a founding member of 90s British trio Goya Dress.

She has been living in Los Angeles ever since then but her affiliation with the band continues. She has stood in on a couple of tours and recording sessions and frequently performs at At The Edge Of The Sea. She also co-writes Tales From The Wedding Present - David's "autobiography in comic book form" with David himself, together with Jessica McMillan and artist, Lee Thacker.

In 2019, Terry contributed a track to Not From Where I'm Standing - a compilation of James Bond themes curated by The Wedding Present. Her cover version of 'A View to a Kill' was performed with Paul Hiraga of Seattle band Downpilot and released by Come Play With Me Records for Record Store Day in the UK on 12 June 2021. The B-side features a cover version of The Wedding Present's 'Spangle', performed with former Wedding Present guitarist, Danielle Wadey.

Scopitones Releases


A Casa Verde [2009]

A collection of 'songs by friends', including two written by David Gedge.

Reviewed by the NME here and purchasable here.


You Can't Separate Light [2015]

An EP of original songs by Terry and Dean Frances Hawksley, produced by and featuring Seattle songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Paul Hiraga (Downpilot), New Zealand guitarist Geoff Maddock (Goldenhorse), Shetland-born recording artist Astrid Williamson (Goya Dress) and violinist Melinda Rice.


Purchase it here.

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