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Label : Scopitones

Released : 2017

Catalogue Number : TONE CD 030


Product Information :


  • In November 2007 The Wedding Present performed their classic debut album 'George Best' live, in its entirety, in Dublin, Ireland. The concert, which took place in front of a thrilled crowd at the city’s ‘Village’ venue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the LP, was recorded and filmed for posterity is now released here on DVD and CD.


Track-listing :


Blonde / Brassneck / Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk / King’s Cross / Convertible / Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Extended Version] / Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft / What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? / Don’t Be So Hard / A Million Miles / All This And More / My Favourite Dress / Shatner / Something And Nothing / It’s What You Want That Matters / Give My Love To Kevin / Anyone Can Make A Mistake / You Can’t Moan, Can You? / Perfect Blue / Kennedy / Flying Saucer

Live 2007 : CD & DVD Album

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