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Label : Clue

Released : 2024

Catalogue Number : CLUE 126


Product Information :


  • Features a live concert from La Laiterie in Strasbourg, France, during 1994
  • This is a newly re-mastered version of the recording that featured on the thirteenth release of the band's own 'official bootleg cassette' series
  • The 'bootleg cassette' live tapes were sold by the band at concerts and through their fanzine in the 1980s & 1990s.
  • The tapes were unavailable elsewhere and so were eagerly collected by fans and have consequently become rare


Track-listing :


So Long, Baby / Blue Eyes / It’s A Gas / Flying Saucer / Let Him Have It / Dalliance / Click Click / The Queen Of Outer Space / Spangle [Rock Version] / Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Loveslave / Silver Shorts / Suck / Come Play With Me / Crawl / Gazebo [Rock Version] / Catwoman


David Gedge says:


"As The Wedding Present became more well known in the late 1980s, the number of people in the audience at concerts wasn’t the only thing that increased. We also saw an abundance of people selling cassettes that had been illicitly recorded at those shows. At first, we felt flattered and, I suppose, kind of famous, but, after we’d listened to a few, we realised that some bloke holding a Walkman in the crowd was never going to produce a good quality recording. And also, that that bloke was then going on to make money from our fans by selling substandard Wedding Present products! So we decided to combat by this by releasing our own versions. Between 1987 and 1996, whenever there was some kind of recording device hooked up to the mixing desk at a venue, we would pop in a chrome audio cassette or digital audio tape [DAT] and record the show. After each tour I would then painstakingly listen to them all – such is my unwavering devotion to my art – and pick the best ones to release. In this way, the band’s ‘Official Live Bootleg’ cassette series came to be. We released sixteen of them in total – one or two every year – and, since 2007, I have been working through the pile of tapes and having them re-mastered to be released on CD. We’re now up to 1994 and have arrived in Strasbourg, France, where the thirteenth cassette was recorded. It’s from the celebrated venue La Laiterie, which we played again a couple of years ago, actually. But this is from our first visit and, given that it came three months after we’d released our fourth studio album, Watusi, the set features songs from that record together with earlier material. The versions on this live recording are considerably more energetic and electric than the album versions, though…"



Live 1994 : CD Album

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