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Releasing Label : RCA
Released : 1992
Catalogue Number : Various


Product Information :


  • Small assortment of original Hit Parade 7″ records found in record shop basement.
  • The outer covers are not in mint condition and some have very slight dents on the corners but the vinyl is unplayed. They are in very good shape for being underground for 30 years!
  • Signed copies available upon request.


Remaining singles available:


01 : 'Blue Eyes' c/w 'Cattle And Cane'

02 : 'Go Go Dancer' c/w 'Don't Cry No Tears'

03 : 'Three' c/w 'Think That It Might'

04 : 'Silver Shorts' c/w 'Falling'

05 : 'Come Play With Me' c/w 'Pleasant Valley Sunday'

06 : 'California' c/w 'Let's Make Some Plans'

07 : 'Flying Saucer' c/w 'Rocket'

10 : 'Sticky' c/w 'Go Wild In The Country'

11 : 'The Queen Of Outer Space' c/w 'U.F.O.'

12 : 'No Christmas' c/w 'Step Into Christmas'


Hit Parade : 7" Single [various]

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