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Label : Scopitones in association with Raw Shark

Released : 2024

Catalogue Number : TONE BOOK 110


Product details :


  • New paperback version of the first instalment of David Gedge’s ‘memoir-in-comic-book-form’
  • The stories included in this stunning paperback book have previously only been seen by readers of the ‘Tales From The Wedding Present’ comic book series. This collected edition, however, comes with many pages of never-before-seen additional material, an introduction by author Ian Rankin, and many other additional features
  • The book was written by David [together with long-time musical associate Terry de Castro] and illustrated by virtuoso artist Lee Thacker. The three of them have been working steadily – with editing help from Jessica McMillan – relating David’s life and adventures, for the last decade
  • It’s in chronological order, beginning with David’s childhood in England and South Africa, and continues up to the birth of The Wedding Present. On the way we learn about some of the romantic experiences that may have informed his writing, how he first met the legendary BBC presenter John Peel, and the true story behind the classic Wedding Present song ‘My Favourite Dress’.


“An autobiography of The Wedding Present would be great on its own. An autobiography in beautiful graphic novel form? Even better!” Dan Vebber [Writer, The Simpsons]


“This is brilliant! It’s like the storyboard for a Wedding Present biopic.” Marc Riley [Broadcaster, BBC]


“As informative, funny and essential as David Gedge himself. Can I be in the movie when all this is franchised?” Tony Gardner [Actor]


“This is the graphic novel indie music mash up that we have all be waiting for and only David Gedge could deliver. It’s amazing!” Stella Creasy [Member, British Parliament]


“This is a Wedding Present fan’s dream come true. Pure unfiltered Gedge; the inside track on what makes him tick and anecdotes aplenty. Essential!” Mike Gayle [Author]


“It’s very typical of The Wedding Present to do an autobiography differently to everyone else… but the stunning illustrations in this book really bring David’s stories to life.” Louise Wener [Writer, musician]


“A visual masterpiece for book boffins and comic connoisseurs everywhere, telling the fascinating story of one of my favourite bands in both words and pictures. Magnificent!” Brian McClair [Footballer]


“Sharp. Witty. Stylish. Original. British. David’s autobiography is an absolute delight. Lee Thacker’s art is fantastic.” Fran Healy [Musician]


“A clever, funny, original, and charmingly unpretentious approach to writing your life story. So many brilliant details!” Mark Ellen [Journalist, broadcaster]


“Amazing concept! It’s in black and white but it brings real colour to memories and incidents that made me feel like I was in the room.” Terry Christian [Broadcaster, journalist, author]


“The Wedding Present… under the radar and under celebrated. To me, they make more sense now than they did in 1986. David Gedge is a punk hero… a born rock ‘n’ roll star and not an asshole. I’m glad he’s still around.” Alan McGee [Creation Records]


“A confessional, tears-and-laughter journey into the life and music of one of Britain’s greatest songwriters, and indie rock’s very own Dan Dare!” Mark Beaumont [Writer]


Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy! : Tales From The Wedding Present : Paperback Book

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