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Label : Scopitones

Released : 2009

Catalogue Number :  TONE CD 026


Product Information :

  • Terry de Castro takes a novel approach to her solo debut, one that is especially charming, likable, and well, curious. She’s chosen to take a wonderfully unusual course and recorded an album comprised entirely of cover versions, but these are not necessarily well-known songs by famous artists. Each song is a story unto itself, and all of the songs hang together in a vivid and illuminating way. Nationality comes into play here as well: A Casa Verde is replete with the intrinsically soothing and unmistakably American strains of steel guitar and banjo, among other instruments.


“A low key delight (8/10)” [NME]

“I like de Castro’s voice a lot” [Pennyblack Music]

“A glorious alt-pop gem… this is one of the most intimate and affecting records in years” [Rock ‘n’ Reel]

“A winningly intriguing collection… in a word: magical” [Rock-A-Rolla]!


Track-listing : Dalliance / East St. O’Neill / The Sun Is Always The Sweetest / Sleep Drives / Like You Believe It / American In ’54 / Glorious / The Great Avalanche / The Perfect Movie / Sodium / Starry Eyed / To Love You

A Casa Verde : CD

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