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30th Anniversary 'Watusi' Album Released

Updated: May 16

Proper Records, in collaboration with Universal Music Recordings, released a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of 'Watusi' on 26 April 2024.

You can purchase this album together with a free, limited-edition, LP-sized print signed by David Gedge, from our online shop here.

Album cover for The Wedding Present's album 'Watusi'

David Gedge often calls 'Watusi' The Wedding Present's 'lost album' because it has never been quite as readily available as the others. But it could also be called their 'Marmite' album; it polarised opinion like no other release. 'Watusi' was the first time that the band committed to their lo-fi pop sensibilities… bravely eschewing their usual snarling guitars.

No other Wedding Present album comprises such an eclectic array of material, thoughtfully arranged and consistently strong. The ghostly heartache waltz of 'Spangle', the tautly groovy 'Let Him Have It', 'Catwoman's' Velvet Underground zone-out, the Monkees ramalama of 'It’s A Gas', the poptastic 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah', the surf strains of 'Hot Pants', the tender confessional 'Big Rat', the reflective garden party drama of 'Gazebo'... all would demand inclusion on a Wedding Present best-of. Most captivating of all was 'Click Click', a hypnotic duet of sexual compulsion.

For this new release, the original album is augmented with a second LP of non-album tracks and alternative versions. Each disc is pressed onto high-quality 180gm coloured vinyl and the album is presented in a gatefold sleeve. Also included is a CD containing all 23 tracks from across the two LPs. David Gedge has personally overseen the whole project.


Disc One


So Long, Baby / Click Click / Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Let Him Have It / Gazebo / Shake It / Spangle / It’s A Gas / Swimming Pools, Movie Stars / Big Rat / Catwoman / Hot Pants


Disc 2


Le Bikini / Flame On / Him Or Me [What’s It Gonna Be?] / Jumper Clown / It’s A Gas [Acoustic Version] / Bubbles / Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [Alternate Version] / Spangle [Alternate Version] / Gazebo [Alternate Version] / So Long, Baby [Alternate Version] / It’s A Gas [Single Version]


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