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Label : Come Play With Me
Released : 2022
Catalogue Number : CPWM212


Product Information :


  • Limited edition, hand-numbered, vinyl 12” featuring a Utah Saints remix of the Wedding Present track ‘We All Came From The Sea’ – the September instalment of the '24 Songs' series.
  • Although both The Wedding Present and the Utah Saints came out of Leeds, their musical paths did not cross… until now!

Track-listing :


We All Came From The Sea [Utah Saints Remix] c/w We All Came From The Sea [Radio Edit]


If there was ever going to be a Wedding Present song that was a candidate for a remix from the '24 Songs' collection, this was going to be it! ‘We All Came From The Sea’ has a natural, uplifting dance feel to it; a slight deviation from what you might call ‘traditional Wedding Present’. David Gedge himself explains: “When Jon [Stewart, the band’s guitarist] said that, for ‘We All Came From The Sea’, he wanted to record a very repetitive track that was punky yet dancey, I loved the idea. Granted, I knew it could be something that might alienate our fans but, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time! So, I had no hesitation in channelling my inner Nile Rodgers to match his Banshees-like guitar playing.”


The remix gives the track an urgent, driving, dance tempo that you’d expect from Utah Saints, but without losing the essence of the track’s originality, as Jez Willis [Utah Saints founder] explains. “This song is already a great dance track; all we had to do was add machines to make it work in our world of electronic dance.” Jez continues, “As soon as we were asked to remix The Wedding Present, we said yes. It’s an honour to finally work with such an iconic band – they were inspirational to us when they started with their DIY ethic – something we emulated a few years later. We share the same city as a starting point, so both Utah Saints and The Wedding Present have had the same local musical upbringing that shapes an act.”


We All Came From The Sea [Utah Saints Remix] : 12" Single

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