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Label : Hatch
Released : 2019
Catalogue Number :  HAT24 LP


Product Information :

  • Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 3
  • Also contains a CD of all the tracks.

This is the third in Hatch Records’ series of compilations of BBC radio sessions by The Wedding Present.

Following critical acclaim for the first two releases, ‘Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3’ features nine tracks recorded for the award-winning BBC Radio 6 Music show in 2015 and 2016. “The two sessions on this compilation feature many songs that appear on ‘Going, Going...’ the studio album that we released in 2016. ‘Going, Going...’ itself was an extensive audio-visual project recorded over the space of eighteen months in Provence, Liverpool and Seattle. By the time of the 2016 session, however, the album had been completed and had actually been released the previous week. Consequently, The Wedding Present were touring the UK (playing ‘Going, Going...’ in its entirety) and so, in-between our Cardiff and Gateshead concerts, we stopped off in Salford to record some tracks for Marc. As a result, you can hear the ‘live’ feel in these performances. This was a band that was literally on the road!” says David.

The album also features two glorious cover versions, including a heartfelt cover of the theme music from the fifth James Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’. “I’ve always been fond of recording cover versions and there are a couple of great ones on this LP. In 2015 we had a go at John Barry’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ - and enjoyed it so much that I’m now planning a compilation of Bond covers to be released on my label!” David adds.

The second cover is the off-kilter ‘Jumper Clown’, an actual Marc Riley composition! “Marc’s band The Creepers released this song – which poked fun at his previous band’s singer [Mark E. Smith from The Fall] – in 1983 and The Wedding Present covered it eleven years later for the B-side of our ‘It’s A Gas’ single. We decided that an unannounced rendering for a live session while Marc himself was sat in the room watching would be a great surprise to spring on our DJ pal. We managed to keep the whole thing secret with the help of the show’s producer, Michelle. This involved hastily rehearsing and sound-checking the song whenever we got the nod from the recording engineer that Marc was out of earshot!” says David.

Track listing :
Ten Sleep / Broken Bow / You Only Live Twice / 1000 Fahrenheit / Rachel / Bear / Jumper Clown / Kill Devil Hills / Santa Monica

Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 3 : LP

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