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Year of first release : 2019

Record label of first release : Come Play With Me Records

Catalogue number : CPWM7V02


Product Information :


  • The Wedding Present released this single on Come Play With Me Records on 2 August 2019
  • Both tracks were recorded at the legendary Monnow Valley studios in Wales under the watchful eye of multi-Grammy-award-winning producer Andrew Scheps
  • Friend of the band Darren Hayman [formerly of Hefner, The French, etc.] was commissioned to do the cover artwork

  • Signed copies are available upon request

  • Opening with squalls of feedback, ‘Jump In, The Water’s Fine’ is an epic tale with trademark whirlwind Wedding Present guitar and a deceptively sweet melody

  • B-side ‘Panama’, is a frenetic slice of indie-pop, where ferocious guitars and heavy drums collide with honest lyrics about love and friendship. Of the recording, David adds, “As well as including one of my favourite palindromes, ‘Panama’ references ‘Earthrise’, the iconic photograph of Earth taken by astronaut Bill Anders [during the Apollo 8 mission] on Christmas Eve, 1968. We decided to incorporate samples of the astronauts talking to Mission Control.”


Track-listing :


 ‘Jump In, The Water’s Fine’ c/w ‘Panama’

Jump In, The Water's Fine : 7" Vinyl Single

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