In January 2012, Scopitones released a double album of live Wedding Present recordings from 1990. Live 1990 collects the seventh and eighth of The Wedding Present's infamous 'live tapes'; cassettes that the band sold at shows and through their fanzine in the late 1980s. The recordings were not available from anywhere else. Fans eagerly collected them and they became very rare.

This is the fourth in the series of these much-demanded, re-mastered recordings. Live 1990 is especially interesting because it includes a recording of The Wedding Present's first ever concert in North America. The live set at this time drew heavily from the band’s recently released major label debut album, Bizarro but there are also early versions of tracks that were to end up on Bizarro’s critically acclaimed successor, Seamonsters.

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Live 1990 - Track-listing :

Disc 1 'Live at Hoboken, New Jersey, Maxwell's' : Don't Talk, Just Kiss / Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me] / Corduroy / Kennedy / I'm Not Always So Stupid / Heather / Brassneck / Bewitched / Take Me! / Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft / Crawl / What Have I Said Now?

Disc 2 : 'Live at London Kilburn National Ballroom' : Dalliance / Don’t Talk, Just Kiss / Kennedy / Crawl / Heather / Brassneck / Corduroy / Take Me! / Bewitched / Dare / What Have I Said Now? / I'm Not Always So Stupid / Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft / Niagara

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